Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Returning SF & F shows for the fall season

Mark Wilson from About's SF/F blog lists the returning science fiction and fantasy program for this season.
Dollhouse Returns Sep. 25 More Info
Returns Sep. 17 More Info
Ghost Whisperer
Returns Sep. 25 More Info
Returns Sep. 21 More Info
Legend of the Seeker
Returns Nov. 7 More Info
Returns Sep. 25 More Info
Returns Oct. 9 More Info
Returns Sep. 25 More Info
Returns Sep. 10 More Info


Anonymous said...


Beam Me Up said...

That was my thought as well...whats up with that. I dont think I missed anything in his original post. I took a look at the whole thing, then just copied the show, its day and time and network. I put up all the shows he had listed in the main entry, but I should hit the link too, just to see.

QueenQuill said...

"The final season begins early 2010" according to the official LOST website here:

*Cries* Last season?! NOOOOOOO!!

Beam Me Up said...

Thanks QueenQuill for the heads up. I meant to do the research and then totally spaced it.