Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leonard Nemoy explains origins of Vulcan greeting

Now here is a piece of tv history that I am sure that the hard core Star Trek fans know but the averave viewer may never have picked up on. The history behind the Vulcan greeting. Here is Leonard Nemoy with the background info.

Thanks to SF Signals for the original post


kkong01 said...

I have been told that the priests used this gesture to detect the presence of leprosy. Leprosy attacks the ulnar nerve and this nerve supplies enervation to the intrinsic muscles in the hand- the small muscles between the fingers that control the side to side motion of the fingers at the knuckle. If you are "unclean" then you cannot be a priest.

Beam Me Up said...

Really!!! now that is WILD! The things you find out when you start a blog! Sweet!

Thanks for the info kkong01 that's worth of a mention on this week's program!