Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whedon Want Glau to Play in Dollhouse!

Summer Glau fan should take this news extremely well. Now that Summer is no longer kicking terminator ass, Dollhouse's Josh Whedon would like to get her on board with his pet project of late, Dollhouse.

But before you get all hot and sweaty thinking of all the Doll parts she would be good in, Whedon says he is not considering her for another part that would entail her being mind wiped and reprogrammed.....sounds familiar huh?

Not much news - but there is this article in IO9 by C. Anders that speculates about what parts would be interesting. Glau has said she would like to play a normal person but if you have been watching Dollhouse, you know there are damn few "normal" people.

Check out the IO9 article

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