Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dark Angel MUAVs a very real possibility?

That's what contributor Shaun Saunders was asking when he posted this article.

The main thrust of this paper was touting the advantages of the micro unmanned aerial vehicle.
The units are becoming much more prevalent now that there has been great strides in computer and AI technology.

The micro UAV has a distinct advantage over it's fixed wing brethren because they are much smaller in size and many now are not fixed wing aircraft but configured much like helicopters. They can fly in areas with large amounts of obstacles and are able to operate in areas where control signals are often blocked by the same obstacles.

The main idea is to put mobile monitoring equipment on site with a release and forget strategy. But as Shaun posits....are we seeing the first volley into eye in the sky crowd control - something akin to what we saw in Dark Angel?

Here is the video of the device in action:

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