Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fringe & Medium renewed....Chuck?

Mark Wilson over at the Sci-fi Fantasy blog on is posting that the seriously strange Fringe, on Fox, has been renewed for sure for another season. NBC, following in the heels of this news has said that Medium was renewed for a 6th season, though the episode order is not for a full season, which has give some pundits pause. (I have been catching some of the final shows in the 5th and Medium has taken a very Fringe like turn as of late) Chuck however is still on the bubble. As Mark writes:
  • Word on Chuck is not official, but it is now seen by industry insiders and pundits as more likely to be renewed for a third season – though, as with Medium, it may or may not be a full season.
It may be a while yet before we know conclusively just what the heck is going on!


GrandKeeper said...

I am most joyous to hear that Fringe is returning for another season. My wife and I watch the program every week. Actually record it and then watch it with out the commercials. We are also glad to hear the Medium is returning for it's 6th season. This is a great show and we hope that it returns for a 7th season along with Fringe, both great shows, our many bravos to writers and all who have a hand in creating quality programming shown here in the early time zone{Direct TV Shelby,MT GrandKeeper

Beam Me Up said...

I will have to admit as well that I am a big fan of Fringe. Which leads me to wonder why I never really warmed up to agent Skully and the X-Files crew.

Thanks for the note GranKeeper