Friday, May 29, 2009

Manmachine online comix check it out!

Now this is fun Royce Lee just sent me an email saying he really enjoys the blog and offered for our consideration his "comic" (I would call it a graphic novel) called Manmachine.

Royce describes it as:
  • It is an attempt at serious science fiction regarding a future in which corporatism has destroyed America.
Royce in a later correspondence wrote:
  • I really was into science fiction growing up in upstate New York, all because of the existence of a very small used bookstore that had tons and tons of used, tattered, pulp paperback editions of Philip K. Dick and JG Ballard. Remember in the 80s when these things were used as doorstops, and cost 80 cents! And then I stopped following science fiction after failing to find follow up writers. Really what was happening is that I lost my source of "underground" or "alternative" SF. This whole world of "alternative SF" is really fun and interesting to me.

I have had a chance to go through it once or twice and I like what I see. The artwork is minimalistic and the colors muted which give the overall atmosphere an edgy almost film noir look and feel. The story line is engaging enough to make you want to check out the next pane and frankly interested in seeing how it develops in further volumes.

It's worth a look.

Manmachine webpage

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