Sunday, May 03, 2009

AntipodeanSF - Issue 131 online!

Editor Ion of AntipodeanSF writes to tell us that issue 131 is online and available. He writes:
  • This month's magazine features ten fantastic pieces of flash SF fiction from around the world.
  • This month's stories are:
  • The Tragedy of La Luna By Kieran Salsone
  • "Do you remember when it happened? Most people have seen the horrifying and
  • often catastrophically beautiful images of La Luna plummeting towards mother Earth."

  • Three Strikes By Tom Williams
  • "Strike 1! It all started when the nation's commercial airline pilots went on strike to secure a pay rise."

  • The Visit By David Scholes
  • "The energy configuration paused in its long journey. A small, blue-green world caught
  • its attention."

  • Time On Our Side By Mark Farrugia
  • "I was but ten years of age when the statues first appeared. They sprung up overnight in t
  • he big cities — LA, London, Bangkok, and Dubai."

  • A Family That Plays Together By Shaun A. Saunders
  • "Hello again, Mrs Kay," said Karen, confused at finding her best-friend Sally's mother
  • at home instead of pulling another seventy-two hour shift at the local FabCola
  • Family Restaurant. "What are you doing here?"

  • Interrogation 8 By Jamie Richter
  • "Interrogation #8 Prisoner: Captain James Trummel. Interrogator: Mk-IV
  • Android #KDM-32813-3."

  • Cliché By Scott Wilson
  • "I am a Computerised Living Individual Clone Helping Environment, better known as
  • a CLICHE. Yeah, I know, I know — not very original in any sense of the word — but t
  • hat's what our maker chose to call us."

  • Carousel of Death By Jan Napier
  • "An anorexic spruiker, wrapped in enshrouding cloak and hood, croaks, "Around the
  • painted ponies go, where will you be when next they slow?" He splits his bony features in a
  • ghastly rictus."

  • Bodysurfing By Simon Petrie
  • "Uh, no. Not this one. It doesn't feel right. Of course I realise it'll feel different, I'm not
  • an idiot. Different is what I'm after. But the movement feels too ... restricted. Not
  • enough flexibility in the limbs. Who else do you have?"

  • Circadian Rhythms By Mika F. Cella
  • I leaned out of my thirty-third-floor window and breathed out a big smoky sigh as I
  • devoured yet another cigarette and drained a bottle of moonshine. Humorously, we all like
  • to call it that up here.
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