Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elmo's Hands do WHAT?!

Ok, not science fiction, but after reading about burning TM Elmo last week well I have been umm sensitive to Elmo weirdness. So you can imagine my, well I am not to sure what my reaction was here. Anyway, it seems the TME people have build some human sized hands that can ummm tickle you while Elmo laughs. I am NOT making this up. read the article here. Yep "tickle" yourself with Elmo's hands and he laughs manically. And its like the guys writing the article knew where my mind was going because they write:
  • it's a little too creepy for that, unless you really, really enjoy Elmo's voice
Yeah, maybe they're right...Elmo laughing hands I watched the video - even creepier now

more here

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