Sunday, February 08, 2009

February 8, 1828 Jules Verne's Birthday

Make Magazine pointed out today that Jules Verne was born February 8th 1829 in Nantes, France. The article points out, and I have tried to emulate:
  • Verne pioneered, and much of the sci-fi to follow has emulated, was writing about the fantastic upon a foundation of real science and engineering.
I have stated all along that true hard core science fiction has to have a grounding in science to make it believable.

Also Make describes just how right Wells got an Apollo moon trip in his story From the Earth to the Moon. Its worth popping over to the make site to check out the article.

Jules Verne wiki


Shaun said...

It's very worthwhile tracking down accurate translations of Verne's books such as 20000 leagues etc, instead of the many butchered versions...a huge difference :-)

Beam Me Up said...

Funny you should mention that! Because when BMU was first starting Ron read from the French translation for 20k and it was radically different!