Sunday, February 22, 2009

AntipodeanSF issue 129 is online

Nuke editor of AntipodeanSF online magazine writes to tell me that issue 129 of his most excellent flash fiction magazine is now available by clicking on the antipodeanSF link or the article title. Here is a list of the stories in the newest issue. Enjoy

Story With A Moral By J D Brames
Sheila was not thinking of that scene in Psycho, and she wasn't soaping herself up all sexylike, horror-style, through which white robes are soon illustrated arterial red.

The Bet And The Body By Liam Thorpe
"Shut up and push," I said, shoving all my weight against the large, carved stone.

An Ancient Malice Rising By Steve Duffy
As the sun set over the mountains, both rays and shadows lengthened. A chill set in, not like any other felt in living memory, at least not in any average living memory.

The Glass Man By Jan Napier
He didn't need gurus or fakirs to help him see the light. Illumination was his for free.

A Night In Caliet By Mick Dawson
A lone figure crouched on the edge of an orphanage rooftop peering into the street.

The Man Who Did Not Dream By Shaun A Saunders
"I die every night, and I am reborn every morning," said Charlie. "I never dream."

High School Hunt By Mark Farrugia
In each hand THE BOY brandished a small pistol.

Best Ever By Houston Dunleavy
She'd been good � perhaps the best he'd ever had. Foluke had paid all his spare skins to spend an hour with the new MGW (More Genuine Woman) 750 (the size of her breasts in Interplanetary Standard Units).

Predator Tank By Liz Simmonds
Nick and I sat in the auditorium. The light from the ultraplast fish tank cast a comforting glow on our faces as we talked. We nibbled on the last of the snacks we had brought from home.

Say The Word By Felicity Dowker
I'll bet you don't know what the most deadly word in the English language is.

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