Thursday, February 12, 2009

US & Russian Sats collide

In a first ever, a defunct Russian military satellite and a U.S. Iridium satellite, collided 500 miles over Siberia on Tuesday. Iridium, based in Bethesda, Maryland, denied that it was responsible for the crash, But Igor Lisov, a prominent Russian space expert, said Thursday he did not understand why NASA's debris experts and Iridium had failed to prevent the collision, since the Iridium satellite was active and its orbit could be adjusted.

There is no immediate risk to the international space station and the debris also poses no threat to the space shuttle set to launch Feb. 22.

Orbital debris is now the biggest threat to a space shuttle in flight. There are roughly 17,000 pieces of manmade debris, at least 4 inches in size, orbiting Earth, according to NASA.

Thanks to Nelson for the heads up

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