Thursday, February 12, 2009

Positronic - no Nanocarbon - possible

Science Daily has a great article concerning which direction scientists are taking to creating synthetic cortex. USC electrical engineering professor Alice Parker is doing research on Nanocarbon modeling, which may be the next step toward emulating human brain function. studying the behavior of cortical neurons - but, as Parker puts it, with approximately 100 billion neurons in the human cortex and approximately 60 trillion synaptic connections, the brain is massively interconnected, making the task of unraveling a neuron’s electrical circuitry quite complicated. With conventional electronics, the shear size of the build makes it infeasible and the cost of powering such a construct would be prohibitive, nanocarbon addresses both problems.

Ultimately, the researchers hope to answer one question: Will science ever be able to construct an artificial brain of reasonable size and cost that exhibits almost real-time behavior?

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