Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Negative Gravity Ring on the Dark Side of the Moon

No it's not a Pink Floyd remix but a detailed study by the Japanese SELENE mission probing the far side of the moon. Now before you get all wigged out about antigravity on the moon "negative anomaly" simply means that there's less gravity than average.

From the article:
  • It seems that the two sides of the moon have evolved differently since their formation, with the far side forming at cooler temperatures and remaining stiffer while the Earth side has been modified at higher temperatures and for longer. This information is extremely important for theories on the formation of the moon, of which the current favorite is the "Giant Impact" hypothesis.
  • The Giant Impact idea is that four and a half billion years ago a planet the size of Mars rammed Earth, kicking enough debris into orbit to accrete into an entirely new body.
More info in the DailyGalaxy blog article

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