Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where is all the cool future stuff we were suppose to have by now?

Courtney points out an article in Topless Robot that has a list of seven very cool tech goodies that we were suppose to have by now - according to the SF movies.

Here is the list as they posted it. Go to the article itself to read the details:

7) Exo-Suits, due 2005 from Transformers: The Movie
A thought-controlled mechanical outfit that not only converts into an armed mini car, it also allows you to breathe in space while enhancing your strength and agility.

6) Time Travel, due 2004 from Timecop
Just about says it all, forward, backwards...changing stuff

5) 360 Degree Running Tracks, due 2001 from 2001
Don't quite understand the allure of this one buuuuut. Who knows...running on a track that goes upside down....really don't interest me....oh but we DO have that in a way or did... Skylab people?

4) Full-Blown Virtual Reality, due 1999 from Strange Days
This is pretty much a no show except for a couple of limited venues in Disney parks and playing with cumbersome gloves and helmets. Full sensory they ain't.

3) Walled-Off Cities as Prisons, due 1997 from Escape from New York
Hey, they didn't even convince me when the movie came out. Pure excapism, I don't know about you but I never once suspended belief when it came to New York city as a mega prison....

2) Self-Aware Machinery, due 1997 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day
I think the article says it all here: With cell phones that malfunction at the slightest hint of rain, laptops possessing fruit fly life spans and misbehaving Blackberries that make emails disappear faster than mob informants, we could all use some of that super advanced Cyberdyne technology right about now!

1) Telescreens, due 1984 from 1984
Now if you're following some of the science and tech we have been posting for the last couple of years you start to get the idea that this stuff is WAY possible withing the next few year and every bit as possibly abused as in 1984...Late yes, possible? Oh you betcha!

The original story has some cool videos and comments. Take a jaunt over and check out 7 Sci-Fi Inventions That Are Way Past Due on Topless Robot

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