Friday, February 27, 2009

Nebula Awards 2008 Final Ballot

Nebula Awards® 2008 Final Ballot

SFWA is proud to announce the nominees for the 2008 Nebula Awards. The awards will be presented at the 2009 Nebula Awards® Weekend, April 24-26,2009 in Los Angeles, California. For more information on the awards and the Nebulas Weekend, please see


Little Brother - Doctorow, Cory
Powers - Le Guin, Ursula K.
Cauldron - McDevitt, Jack
Brasyl - McDonald, Ian
Making Money - Pratchett, Terry
Superpowers - Schwartz, David J.

The Spacetime Pool - Asaro, Catherine
Dark Heaven - Benford, Gregory
Dangerous Space - Eskridge, Kelley
The Political Prisoner - Finlay, Charles Coleman
The Duke in His Castle - Nazarian, Vera

If Angels Fight - Bowes, Richard
The Ray Gun: A Love Story - Gardner, James Alan
Dark Rooms - Goldstein, Lisa
Pride and Prometheus - Kessel, John
Night Wind - Rosenblum, Mary
Baby Doll - Sinisalo, Johanna
Kaleidoscope - Wentworth, K.D.

Short Stories
The Button Bin - Allen, Mike
The Dreaming Wind - Ford, Jeffrey
Trophy Wives - Hoffman, Nina Kiriki
26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss - Johnson, Kij
The Tomb Wife - Jones, Gwyneth
Don't Stop - Kelly, James Patrick
Mars: A Traveler's Guide - Nestvold, Ruth

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