Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tyrannosaurus Chicken?

Tyrannosaurus Rex or for that matter Dinosaur are fast becoming misnomers. It would appear that Tyrannosaurus Chicken is far closer to being true according to a new study. Chickens and dinosaurs may have more in common than was previously thought after researchers discovered close ties between the two creatures. The link between the bird and the Tyrannosaurus Rex has been revealed in a protein study dating back 88million years. Scientists from Harvard University discovered the link between chickens and the T-Rex when they analyzed the structure of tiny shreds of collagen taken from a fossilized dinosaur bone. Scientists were able to establish the relationship with a relatively high degree of confidence. The study determined that the fearsome dinosaur was closer to a chicken than a modern alligator. Yes, go ahead and say it....Chicken Rex

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