Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The coolest robot I have ever seen!

Called the "Air Jelly" it for all the world looks just like that. A jellyfish that floats on air instead of water. AirJelly is a remote radio-controlled airborne jellyfish with a central electric drive unit and an intelligent adaptive mechanism. The structure consists of a helium-filled balloon with a diameter of 1.35 meters. From this splay out eight actuators that look for all the world like the fin of a fish. These "fins" move in a languid manner controlled by the operate allowing the device to float and manuver. The total effect is etheral.


Shaun said...

I want one! (but with a nice paint job)- are they for sale???

Paul said...

The down side is that the paint is likely to weigh more than the machine! lol

Shaun said...

yep, I did consider that :-)