Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All Escape Velocity Issues Now Free Downloads!

Robert Blevins editor of the truly excellent magazine Escape Velocity has just sent out a release stating that Escape Velocity can now be downloaded for free. In his release he states:

Geoff Nelder and I decided to release all issues of Escape Velocity as a free download, and this decision is more or less permanent. There are no strings, no forms to fill out, no baloney. Just point and click. The eBook version is very nice and contains all the same content as the print, including the cover images. Issue Three has more than 90 hi-res images and photos, a bunch of sci-fi stories, and great articles. In one article we investigate the so-called 'Mars Statue' with 1200dpi blow-ups from the original NASA image from 'Spirit'. There is also a memorial article in #3 to Sir Arthur C Clarke I'm sure you'll enjoy.

They will only be charging now for the print versions. I have the print version and they are excellent. Well laid out and on high quality stock. As good as the e-book versions are, the print versions blow them out of the water. It would be my suggestion that you take a look at the e-book version and if you like it, get it, they are worth it.

The link to the e-book version is http://www.escapevelocitymagazine.com/freedownloads.htm

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