Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seven Things Sci-Fi Fans Should Stop Doing

Ok, yes, I am a fan. And like any fan I know what I like and have an opinion of the stuff I like and the stuff I don't. Simple human nature. That being said, I was reading an article written by Eoghann on Solar Flare. (click here for the complete article) Seven things sci-fi fans should stop doing. hummm. First off I guess I am a bit of an elitiest - I like Science Fiction, thank you very much. Speculative fiction if you must. So you can guess I see myself in many of the "don't and some I take issue with. The List goes:

Dont' Assume You Know All The Facts
People With Different Taste To You Are Not Inferior
Not Everything Is Made For Your Consumption
Being a Fan Doesn't Mean They Owe You
Just Because It's Good Doesn't Mean People Will Watch
Continuity Is Not More Important Than Story
Don't Make It Personal

Certainly is a good list, and I would have you trot over there and read it at length. I would like to comment on some though. First, I don't know all the fact, that's why I spend a good part of the day reading, trying to get the facts. Second, I enjoy different tastes, that's why I often use speculative fiction, because many ideas don't match my definition of science fiction, but are damn entertaining anyway. Not Everything is made for your consumption. Hummmm oooooooook but if the station is called Sci-fi then them fellas in tights better be from another world....cause wrastlin aint sci-fi! Being a Fan Doesn't mean they owe you. two words BS! If you go to a movie that stops half way through do you walk or ask for your money back? Why? Right You have made my case. Just because it's good.... hell fact of life...but the flip is true as well. Continuity, I have mixed feelings on this. Why go through the effort of creating a universe if you throw it away when it becomes inconvenient? But some of the best things I have read or seen have often been prefaced with "WTF just happened?" and last Don't make it personal. Its easy enough to do if you only pick up the odd book and finding it not to your liking, walk away. But if your a long time fan, some things are harder to swallow. Someone you admire in the field, suddenly says science fiction sucks and they want no part of it... Hard not to feel a bit deflated. Oh I could go on.

The article does make some good points, work a read and a thought...

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