Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sixth Grade Alien Uncovered?

Has an alien been discovered hiding out in a sixth grade elementary classroom?  Unfortunately, for those that so desperately for it to be so, the "alien" is far less sublime.  From one of my favorite sites, Photoshop Disasters, via Boing Boing, comes this monument to the short attention span....

This disaster is created with the clone tool and probably some sort of edit layer.  I instructed in the proper use of Photoshop for many years. h One of the things I always stressed is to watch where the clone was "cloning" from.  Here the editor was most likely fixing hair and was not watching as the selection X passed over the student's eye and there it is!  Though just how incompetent do you have to be to NOT see this!???

Check out the Photoshop disasters page for a laugh,  even more so if you are a user of the software. 


kallamis said...

How incompetent to not see that. Hmmm.
Well, have you seen People of Walmart site, or Honey boo stuff going on. I think that answers that fairly well.

Beam Me Up said...

With the walmart people that just the left side of the bell curve. With the photoshop, these are people that get PAID to know better. Look at the photoshop disasters site to really see how a "pro" can mess up as only a pro would