Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Review: Speculative Fiction - The Ultimate Collection

Speculative Fiction The Ultimate Collection By David Scholes 23 highly entertaining short story collection.

Any long time listener to Beam Me Up is bound to recognize the name David Scholes. Beam Me Up has hosted his stories like Odenforce The Intervention and Trathh. Scholes is well schooled in the god of ancient Norway which he has at time molded into wars spanning all time.

Also David has fashioned an alternative history where England was a major technological mover and shaker during the early 20th century managing to outstrip even the USA. It is clear that Scholes is a master of history and can realize a milieu as robust and complete as any historian.

Along with his Asgardian and Greater Britain stories there are other equally robust and entertaining shorter pieces.

Hired Guns is a fast paced short alien mercenaries story. Easy Meat, who said waste management can be entertaining? Are you ready for the Grey Police or something called GrannyBoost? Yeah? Then take a short read with the enforcers in Surprise Attack!

Sholes is not above changing up his Asgardian/Brell should the need arise. In Unwelcome Visitor, we are not sure who is the most “unwelcome” but like unruly children, certain lessons must be taught no matter how the “unruly child” complains. Or the story “The Ship” asks, what would it be like if everything was just.....better? And if the bringer of such largess were damaged, could we benefit from the lessons given even if the teacher is gone?

If you enjoy stories with a strong military / warrior thread running through them, then like me you will enjoy not only great ships and god like powers, but also stories of the human condition and so much more.

Sholes Speculative Fiction collection is marvelously entertaining and thought provoking as well. If you have enjoyed some of David's shorter works on Beam Me Up then this book is a definite look-see.

Lulu is publishing the paperback and the e-book is available on Amazon


Reece Ran said...

i think ill check this out.

Reece Ran said...

Did the comment go through? Anyway ill check this book out

Beam Me Up said...

cool Reece. That will tickle Dave to no end.

Beam Me Up said...

yeah it did Reese, I just noticed that they were there. Also fixed the Coll...what the hell is a coll? lol

Sorry I took so long, comments are very valuable and I am sorry I spaced that out.

David Scholes said...

Many thanks Reece. Hope you found it okay.