Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Should Have Been A Darwin Award Candidate

You know...there are definite activities that one hears of today that are or were never considered when we were younger. I NEVER thought I would EVER hear myself say that, but in this absurdly stupid to the point of being comical (the only reason is that someones life has be DRASTICALLY changed because of this idiocy)From the BBC comes an article of a teenager have radical surgery called a total gastrectomy (it is so weird a word that my spell checker still says its' spelled wrong)which is just what it sounds like, the complete removal of the stomach. Why you ask? Well she presented at the emergency room complaining of extreme distress of the abdomen. Palpitation of the area revealed a grossly distended stomach.

Immediate surgery was called for where the surgeon examined then remove the complete stomach which was severely damaged organ. The stomach had multiple perforations as well as other indications of severe distention.

It seems the girl had been drinking and had experimented with a drink that contained liquid nitrogen. Yep, liquid nitrogen is called a cryogenic liquid in that in its' liquid state its average temperature is minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit, capable of doing severe damage to human tissue (it has been called "toxic" but the real danger is not the gas itself but the temperature it exhibits in its cryogenic state.).

The liquid mixed with alcohol caused freezing damage to lips, mouth, throat and esophageal tube and stomach, plus when it is warmed by the stomach, the liquid return to a gaseous state taking up a much larger volume, necessitating  the stomach, which was the most heavily damaged, be removed.

Stranger still is her drink was not spiked! She was fully aware that she was drinking a dangerous liquid which was being served AT THE BAR she was attending!

The mixed drink containing the liquid gas has become fashionable as of late.

The as yet un-named bar has agreed to cease the use of the liquid gas, however it seems that many hi-end bars continue to mix the dangerous combination.

Full BBC article HERE


kallamis said...

Yeah, I heard about this yesterday or the day before. Just how stupid are people.
Yes I know about the drink.
Yes I get it is expensive due to apparent coolness.
But why are they serving high end drinks like this to anyone but a chemist or physicist in the first place. Sorry, but your normal person is stupid, and if you are a fan of Carlin like me, then you realize half of them are stupider than that.
For starters, it takes 1-3 minutes for the liquid nitrogen to dissipate depending on amount used.
And I'm guessing with showing off bartenders here, probably more along the route of 5 minutes.
But why hand the still dangerous drink to a nincompoop. I mean really. Remember when I said evolving backwards. There's another prime example for you.
So now she will sue the bar, even though she is the idiot that drank it. That's like buying a gun, shooting yourself in the foot on purpose, and then suing the manufacturer for selling you a dangerous weapon.
I keep saying that the species is getting more ignorant all the time. I love it when they prove me right.

John said...

Yeah I read this on the typical news feed and said WTF... Seriously? LOL Sorry, but LN is NOT for consumption, sure, you can stick your hand in LN for a few seconds w/o any negative effects because of the Leidenfrost effect but sorry... That doesn't work with your gastrointestinal system babe. ;) And yes BEAM ME UP, I agree... This should be a Darwin Award Contender!

Beam Me Up said...

It is so incomprehensible to put something like that in your body! I know what it is and I know full well how to safely handle cryo gasses and ices, anything that you have to use multi-layer safety equipment just to handle it, is something you NEVER put in your mouth! Sure its' non-toxic but that is beside the fact. Obviously there was enough gas to do serious internal injury, so that is certainly enough to smother you, that much intense cold passing by the heart could cause massive ventricular fibrillations if the person has any tendency towards that. Plus a host of others... I have always said you can't legislate morals, but it is damn clear you have to for stupid....

Beam Me Up said...

Yeah, this is a poster child for why it is NOT good for you no matter how trendy... It has evolved from stunts done in a lab (like the icream thing) and if you know just how to handle it, yeah you can pull it off. But look at how dangerous solid CO2 is and this crap is crazy cold! I mean I have drank a hot coffee with dry ice in it. But I waited until it sublimed mostly and no one caught me putting vasoline on my lips for safety, plus there was NO way I was going to let that crap in my gut! But that is why I chose a hot drink and a small piece just for effect, but I would never think to go to a bar and order it..first because you don't know how well the bar tender has been trained and the other because it is so frakin dangerous!