Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Skydive from Space Aborted!

Not much to give in the way of info, but this is what I found on the popsci page
  • Felix Baumgartner's 23-Mile-High Skydive Aborted Due To Wind
I will post, or one of the editors, any updates.

If anyone hears anything about a new date or time PLEASE post it!  Thanks

If you are interested in what is going on with the dive, you can find the mission description HERE


kallamis said...

Last I heard was Thursday was going to be the next attempt. If I hear it is supposed to be tomorrow, I'll get it posted here. But that is what I know for the moment.

Beam Me Up said...

same time Kall?

kallamis said...

No idea. They didn't say. If I find out I'll get it posted right away. Today was out because of repair and weather they said yesterday.

kallamis said...

Okay, they are now officially driving me batty. It has been moved to Sunday the 14th.
Here's a link all.


Beam Me Up said...

Thanks Kall
I went to youtube and linked in that animation and posted your link. cool stuff