Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Human Skin as Car Upholstery?

EEEEEEEwwwwwwwwww!  What?!!  The title is essentially true, for the most part.  Here is what the Dvice article said: 
  • Nissan engineers are working to develop synthetic materials that can replicate the touch and feel of a human finger.
You have got to be asking now....why would ANYONE want the inside of their car make them feel fingered?!  

The article states that Nissan considered (you can't make this stuff up!) four factors in the replication of the"feel" (swear to god) of the fabric:   examined were the flexibility, temperature, smoothness and moistness of a human finger (moistness?!! really? what, just like, just in the mouth moistness or oh Jesus someone help me, this is getting way out of....ummm hand already...omg even the author says that they can save a whole lot of time by just visiting an adult novelty store...oh I am so going to hell with this one...) 

Here is the link to the original Jalopnik article   

Happy motoring....


kallamis said...

I can't. I just can;'t comment on this. No matter what i say, it's going straight into the gutter.
I mean, I know some people like getting fingered all day, but I'm not one of them. And see what I mean. You can't comment on this. And then moisture??? Yeah, I'm bailing on this one.
Cars breaking down, alien viruses trying to do me in, and now car makers want to do things to me openly that they usually only do behind the scenes. Yeah, I'm leaving this one for the rest of you perverts.
I mean; Cheetara is one thing, but this is just freaky deaky.

Beam Me Up said...

I take it you didn't listen to the podcast huh? I stepped up to base and collapsed into a withering mass! That all on live radio! Some thing are just beyond belief and some of us are to chicken s..t to say what filth we are thinking...he he he snort cackle cackle

kallamis said...

No we are two weeks behind actually. Both of us had the flu, then car problems, and then my back went. All of this happening at the same time basically. And I still sound as though someone raped my throat with 60 grit sandpaper for a month. We'll be caught up before this Saturday though. We keep up with the stories as well. So missing an episode is not exactly an option here. That's why we didn't hear last weeks yet. We don't go out of order with those.
And I have a couple reviews for web series we are almost finished watching. Those should be up this week as well.
Now that that demon car from the 19th level of kill me hell is gone, I can get back to a semi normal routine. That car really hated me. Seriously, it really did. She unlocked it, and I touched the door, and the bloody thing locked itself, I kid you not. (I can't wear a watch either for the same reason, static in my body is pretty high.) But of course I use it to say that the car freaking hated me.
It actually was funny as hell, but slightly insulting too.

Beam Me Up said...

Christine LIVES lol wow, sounds like you really took this on on the chin Kall. Well when you do, you will have to experience me trying my damnedness NOT to go to hell.... oh and you want to hear a funny? My spell checker wants to check damnedness as, I swear to god, dampness.....yep, goin to hell.