Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Consider: The Worthington Jet

I am not sure how to handle this.  It is the scourge of millions each day at the same time it is a documented phenomenon.   A.N. Worthington along with   the London Society for Promotion of Christian Knowledge published A paper  in 1895 concerning splashes, or a phenomenon called the Worthington  Jet. This is the effect  observed when an object or material  is observed  as it travels
through the surface of a Newtonian fluid. (note PDF @ http://www.colorado.edu/MCEN/flowvis/galleries/2007/assignment6/OLoughlin.pdf) 

The effect is basically, as the object contacts the fluid's surface, it pulls this surface down and along with it.  A turbulent interface is observed between the bending surface of the fluid and the mass.  At this point the mass breaks away and the fluid rebounds into the cavity (due in part to surface tension, and pressure)  to form the Worthington jet.

The jet's structure can be controlled by varying the uniformity of the object.  Spherical objects provide the most uniform / cohesive jet, where as rough and or irregular object seems to produce jets consisting of several parts.  

As this effect can be troublesome, experiments have shown that changing the surface tension can eliminate or lessen the effect. 

Now if you haven't figured this out yet....oh I love the fact that there is a REAL name and a REAL effect,  continue on to the address below. 

For more on the effect and lessening its' effect, please watch this YouTube video

Odds on me doing this story with a straight face?

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