Sunday, July 10, 2011

BMU # 259 is now Online!

This week on Beam Me Up I take advantage of local talent for stories. From the talented pen of Zachery Cole I play Greeters - What is it like to be a greeter for a big box department store now imagine you have been built expressly for that purpose - and all you want is a little time to figure out how the world works.

The second story is part 1 of Deanna knippling’s Paid. Boregard is both a multi-dimensional time traveler or a down and out gum-shoe. Neither and both are correct depending on what version of himself you ask.....

From the BMU Blog, the good and the bad of the shuttle program, what happened to the the six flags left on the Moon, huge thunderstorms on Saturn, a billion pixel camera in space to hunt for new planets, quasars, brown dwarfs and hopefully they will be able to catch a super nova in another galaxy! That and more on this weeks, Beam Me Up.

Beam Me Up Podcast

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