Monday, July 25, 2011

The Future of NASA - Neil DeGrasse - Tyson

Why NASA is vital for our survival as a nation of innovators. Big words, but when you hear Neil DeGrasse-Tyson speak you begin to understand just what he means. NASA for 50 has been in the business of making heros. Someone to advance the horizons of human understanding. When you lose the will to explore and be fascinated by the unknown, is the moment when you start to backslide, the moment when you become less relevant. DeGrasse-Tyson says some very scary things in the short speech I found on the Gizmodo site, but to not heed his words is to relegate the U.S. to that of the observer, not the innovator. Check the video out below.


Dave Tackett said...

Wow, what a great speech, one worthy of JFK!

Beam Me Up said...

Yeah Dave, when he says we are fading it was like the worst bitter pill. I liked that cut so much that I am going to use it on this weekend's program.

Yep, I can see John F. saying just this sort of thing along side his We do these things.... speech.

Thanks for the comment