Monday, July 11, 2011

Android Smartphones - Full on Spy Equipment

In today's hyper-paranoid society what we really don't need is the information that someone is spying on us with our own equipment, but thanks to a couple of Microsoft interns, that is exactly what just might happen!

A new, creepily Android application called TagSense, takes information from smartphone sensors to tag photographs with the identities of who's in them. You need do nothing what so ever!

TagSense uses Android phones' built-in accelerometers, light sensors, GPS, the phones' microphones all to determine who the people are in the picture, where they are, what the weather conditions are like, what they are doing and talking about and all this info is tagged to the picture. What makes TagSense even creepier is TagSense is that it is designed to tap into information stored on other, smartphones. The application will be able to interact with data stored on adjacent phones to complete the tagged info in the photo on your phone and remember all without any input from you.

It gets worse. Read the complete article here at Fast Company

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