Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Russians Are Going to do What With Their ISS Modules?!

Ok, well not a whole lot new since earlier this week when I got on a tirade about the ISS and the proposed decommissioning - I just see Dvice taking the ball and running with it. Not much I can add or argue with but if you want to bring your blood back to a slow boil, check out these excerpts from the article.
  • Since the U.S. is legally obligated to maintain responsibility for anything it puts into orbit, something has to happen to all of our ISS modules ... all we can really do is just deorbit everything into the ocean ...... The Russians, on the other hand, are already planning to refurbish many of their ISS modules and reuse them as part of a new Orbital Piloted Assembly and Experiment Complex to support deep space exploration.
That's right, NASA is saying by 2020 the ISS will be so riddled that we have to safely abandon it and burn it up. While the Russian (and excuse me, their modules are just as old if not older) as saying NYET and will refirb and reuse. Of course we can't cause we can't get there and if we could we can't refirb crap! I don't care how many times NASA says we got the lead....cause Tyson said it...The good ole us of a is fading. Game over man, game over. You guys remember to shut the lights off and lock up when you leave.

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