Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Truth about Area 51?

Annie Jacobsen, a contributing editor at the Los Angeles Times Magazine, interviewed individuals who used to work at Area 51, a group of people (she) described ... as a "formerly secret group of scientists, engineers and physicists. In her new book, Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base, she says there is a very good reason Area 51 wasn't acknowledged by the government. Not because they DID have aliens and alien spacecraft, but often because of some of the things that DID go on there which was way more scary. In her interviews she uncovered secret "safety test" :
  • which covered everything from crashing a plane carrying a nuclear device to detonating nukes in orbit. Objectives ranged anywhere from seeing how humans would be affected in the resulting irradiated zones to testing nukes as a means to power spaceflight.
The military:
  • was curious about installing missile installations in orbit and on otherworldly bodies.
(Yeah, I think that means like missiles on the moon)

But as Jacobsen puts it,
  • the real whopper involved the German Horten brothers who were into building experimental planes for the Nazi party. The brothers were working on a flying disk design in 1942. After Germany surrendered in 1945 the US wanted the pair desperately. In 1947 one of the craft the brothers build crashed in the US. (Oh wait it gets weirder) The disks were said to have lift off and hover capabilities and weirder still the pilots (due likely to design constraints) were children around the age of 13. That weird enough for ya? Want more? ok, the child sized pilots according to eye witness accounts in Jacobsen's interviews, were the result of a Soviet human experimentation program,"
(oh I am so close to calling BS on this all ready!)
  • "and they had been made to look like aliens using "genetic and surgical" procedures.
(cough cough bull s.... cough)

Why would they do this you ask? (ok the ones of you that are not wearing tinfoil beanies) Jacobsen scenario has it that:
  • the Soviets were hoping to recreate the mass hysteria caused by the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds
So that is why Area 51 is classified? Because a plane shaped like a UFO piloted by children surgically altered to look like aliens by a secret Soviet laboratory all with the intention of causing mass panic in the USA crash landed in the middle of America?! And area 51 is keeping it under wraps as we speak? What? NO!?
  • It's secret because apparently American officials saw these tests and decided to conduct human experiments of their own.
So they started a black ops, as Annie Jacobsen puts it: "horrific rogue program,"

oh ok, now it makes sense.....

So, want to read the complete story about this insanity and links to her interview on NPR, and you want it all now? then click the on the Device link - here

Tim Sayell turned in this link to start the ball rolling. Yahoo News article


Juan Rivera said...

Article/Blog post is blank. Meaning?

Beam Me Up said...

whoops! forgot to hit the post button! Thanks Juan!

Homer said...

I've got to admit that when I saw the documentary on the Horton flying wing I was like, 'Damn, people would freak if they saw that bug eyed thing flying around!' A lot of the technology that the Nazi's were working on towards the end of the war is pretty frightening. The ME 262, the HO 229, the V2 rockets and the heavy water nuclear experimentation. Makes you wonder what would have happened if the Reich had not been brought down when it was. I also wonder what kind of stuff both the US and Russia found squirreled away in the Nazi labs that were raided after the war. All that stuff (and Lord know what else) is probably stashed in Area 51. I'd love to have free run of that place for a few days. Can you say 'Independence Day'??

Beam Me Up said...

Homer, just by observing what we DID get to see. Our launch capabilities came almost ready made from the work at Peenemunde. Lots of material came back under the tarps. That and just the brain power we managed to capture is amazing. Von Braun? Amazing. There never would have been a Saturn 1 2 or 5 without his intellect.

Charles said...

According to some one I knew in the military who went in to countries to solve a problem. He asked about area 51 and was told it was just scientists working on military projects no aliens ,spaceships,Just military hardware.

Beam Me Up said...

Ocam's Razon Charles yes. I suspect you called it there.