Monday, May 09, 2011

Dark Tower Crumbling...

Topless Robot is reporting that the much vaunted Ron Howard "Dark Tower" project has stalled if not closed all together.

Robot writes:
  • Variety reports that the studio is now considering abandoning Ron Howard's ambitious adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower novels.
  • Deadline now reports that the Dark Tower pre-production staff have been asked to stop working, and that all plans for a September start date have been canceled.
The skinny may be that Universal finally got a whiff of the cost of the project and may be looking for another studio to share the "load" Warner being a likely candidate. They may be concerned about the length of the arc which may cover the best part of a decade. ummm can anyone say Star Wars. Also some of the arc would play on TV and that is worrisome....again...ummm Star Trek? I really think the problem here is acute lack of foresight. Ron Howard might not be a SURE THING but damn close and come on even the frackin worst King movie made money! (well that might be stretching it a little....I keep seeing visions of a KW with a huge goblin face on it...shudder) So I wouldn't hold my breath about seeing a Dark Tower movie in the next 3 or 4 years.

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