Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Area 51 Shenanigans

As I mentioned during last week's program, odd things have gone on inside the secret military base Area 51. Most of it in complete secrecy. This of course generates all types of speculation, most if it tending to be bizarre and unlikely. On the other hand however some trickery and misleading antics did take place. One of the projects that Area 51 was home to was the OXCART project, which dealt with stealth tech. From the Gizmodo article:
  • To thwart the infrared satellites, Area 51 crews began constructing ... fake planes out of cardboard etc.
The outlines were rolled up and stored away, but would leave misleading shadows for the Soviets to ponder.
From the article:
  • Sometimes staff even fired up heaters near imaginary engine locations to make it look as if planes had just landed.
Gizmodo article National Geographic article

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