Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Electric Velocipede 20

Electric Velocipede issue 20
Nightshade Books
John Klima editor

From a story about a boy, so brain damaged that he should not be able to walk or even talk, does, and mysteriously seems to be ever so much more, to a tale that explores clashes between species on a very sad and individual basis – when a man much choose between the love for his daughter and promises to his wife. 15 stories, poetry and interviews that cover a wide expanse of the human ideal and nature.

A book, ultimately, should have one goal – to keep you turning the page. No matter how well intentioned, a book is, if you can not bring yourself to turn even one more page, then the book has failed.

On this simple test, issue 20 of Nightshade's Electric Velocipede is a well healed success. Filled with short stories and poetry that fit well into the morning commute or a short afternoon break. Collections like this are perfect for the busy individual or someone that just needs a quick dose of good science fiction.

Nightshade continues to turn out great collections of great science fiction!

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