Sunday, May 01, 2011

Comparing the cost of running SETI

As you remember I pointed out last week that funding for SETI was being eviserated and the Allen 43 dish telescope array was taking the hit. Well my nephew listed this interesting piece from Phil Plait who did a comparitive cost of running SETI for a year which is 2.5 million dollars.

five tomahawk cruise missiles 2.5 million
entry level learjet 12.9 million
1 apache attack helicopter 18 million
citibank exec bonus 19.3 million
trident submarine launched nuclear icbm 29.1 million
cost of significantly increasing sensitivity (expanding) of the allen telescope array 50 million
eight elviss Andy Warhol 100 million
total 2010 revenue of world wrestling entertainment 477 million
cost of google buying admob 750 million
Toy Story 2 box office worldwide 2010 earnings 1.06 billion
Nimits class aircraft carrier 4.5 billion
ipad sales in 2010 @500ea 7.4 billion
Starbucks 2010 net revenue 10.7 billion
Citigroup 2008 bailout 25 billion
extending the bush tax cut 544.3 billion
us DOD 2010 budget 663.8 billion

Oh and I know this is nothing we could control, but as a distraction while one of the most efficient uses for our scientific investment was being raped, we watch the British Royal Family run through about 64 million dollars for a wedding. Now, Like I said, that's their business, but when I hear how many ooooooooohed and aaaaaaaaahhhhhed about this and the whole damn list above is just plain ignored, I just hoped they all were well greased and grabin for their ankles.

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