Friday, October 22, 2010

Comment: Is the Human Race Going Extinct? WTF!

Nope, not science fiction but so damn bizarre that it could be!

Dan brings in an article is so bizarre that one has to wonder if Homo-Sapiens as a race have reached their evolutionary pinnacle at some point in the distant past and are now, due to some sort of damage to it's genetic blue-print, about to go extinct.

What you ask could have set me off? Well to be honest, it was probably one of the most bizarre articles I have read in some time.

Here is how it goes. Police in Costa Mesa California received a call about a car partially blocking a driveway. Oh and did I mention that said vehicle reeked?

It seems a California woman befriended a homeless woman and let her sleep in her car discovered that said homeless person died rather unexpectedly. Not knowing where to go for advice, our good Samaritan drove around for months with nothing but a box of baking soda , for odor control (if it works in a fridge why not for a decomposing corpse in a hot car?). However when officers arrived on scene, the stench was quite noticeable. This led them to investigate further where they found a leg poking from under a blanket. Under the blanket they found the partially mummified remains ( about 30 pounds of skin and bones....and no I refuse to go there). No signs of foul (nope still ain't going there) play were discovered however. Police are investigating the driver however. (oh hell yes! at least one question.....what the hell is wrong with you!?)

Now I know this isn't the norm, People are still as a general rule fine, but when things like this happen you have to at least ask yourself if something is badly broken and humanity is doomed.

Article in BDN/AP

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