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Review: INK

INK Review

Directed, Produced and Written by Jamin Winans music score and editing was also done by Jamin Winans
Executive Producer Kiowa K. Winans
Staring Starring Chris Kelly, Quinn Hunchar, Jessica Duffy Jeremy Make

Ink starts with the premise that there is in fact many worlds running side by side with only a different "beat" separating them. The worlds of INK, beside our "waking world" are the world or the warrior/story tellers who bring good dreams at night. Then there is the world of the Incubi, "borg-like" spirits who veil their faces with screens who bring horrible nightmares and traveling through these worlds is a horribly scarred and malformed loner called INK.

The movie starts with the story tellers and Incubi bringing their own versions of people's dream, when INK suddenly appears "abducting" a young girl. The story tellers try to rescue the girl but Ink escapes through a portal which the warriors can not follow him through.

The movie, proper, opens with a very successful stock broker who through a series of life reversals, is watching his whole world collapse. This collapse is shown to us in flash backs as he grows into adult hood but the success has cost him greatly. The flashbacks shows us what it took for him to get where he is and the cost. At the same time the worlds of the story Tellers and Incubi are showing the struggle that is building and through out it all travels INK with his "captive" bent on completing a task while the story tellers try to stop him and inexplicably aide broker while the Incubi fight to stop them.

All the action in all three worlds comes to a head in the final moments of the film.

And I have tried valiantly to explain a very complex movie plot-line without giving too much away. And at the same time try not to emphasize what for the most part comes across as absolute chaos. Are the flashbacks truly "flashbacks"? Which way is time running?! And I could go on. That really may put some of you off. There are two or three realities at play and time may play different.

I loved the concurrent time sequences neither aware of each other and some were aware of both. Yes it can truly play with your head. But in the end the motivations are the most fundamental but it may blow you away as to who finally learns this lesson and you will be just as amazed.

Ink is certainly an interesting independent movie. Technology has come so far that even with a limited budget, the end product still looks and feels professional. Don't be put off by the labels, quite frankly they don't tell you anything.

I have to say that the extras were middle of the road. The format allows for so much more, but then we are still treated to excellent behind the scenes comments and clips. I really think the movie is well made and keeps your interest throughout. You certainly won't feel ripped off by renting or buying the disk. If your interests are sci fi or sci fi / fantasy, this movie will deliver. Good solid 8 for the film. The special effects are a bit chintzy but then, damn clever for what they had to work with. Extras could be an overall 8 so that gives a 16 total or an 8 overall. Your opinion will certainly fall either side of that. Recommendation? Its worth the rent or the buy.

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