Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review: Repomen


Directed by Miguel Sapochnik

Produced by Scott Stuber

Screenplay by Eric Garcia, Garrett Lerner

Starring Jude Law, Forest Whitaker, Liev Schreiber, Alice Braga, Carice van Houten, Chandler Canterbury, RZA

Yep, since I saw the trailers, I thought, well, interesting subject, so I added it to my rental queue and it arrived in due course.

The premise? Well the first few lines of the movie encapsulate the plot more than any drawn out review. The lead character played by Jude Law in a voice over says....If you can't make payments on your house, the bank repossess es it. If you can't make the payments on your car, the finance company will reposes it. If you can't make payments on your liver, well that's where I come in.

Jude Law and Forest Whitaker play war buddies who find themselves in the body parts repossession business. It is soon apparent that both enjoy their work to the point of being psychopaths. Where Law's character might finesse his repossessions a bit, Whitaker's character has a fascination with big knives which he uses to brutal efficiency.

All is going along swimmingly until Remey (Law's character) has a repossession go very wrong and finds himself in the exact same place as the people he has been repossessing. His life begins to fall apart when his wife leaves, he can no longer do his job and soon will be the victim of the very people he recently worked alongside of.

There are some twists and turns and reversals that even M. Night would be proud of. So I will not "ruin" the ending for you just in case there is some wild chance you might want to watch Repo.

But The first real observation on this film is that you must be able to suspend disbelief to believe that the movie at least on some level is real and could happen. I can say with great honesty that I spent the whole movie thinking "this could never happen. In a society where a hangnail will be enough for a mal-practice case, you're trying to convince me that in a few years the very same people will turn a blind eye to wholesale slaughter to maintain the corporate status-quo?

Ok, - I can not bring myself to think that an abandoned tenement full of corpses sans a few artificial organs will garner no reaction what so ever? Our society has become litigious to a point that even friends and near relatives will instigate some sort of suit just on general principal!

That is about as far as I can take this review. I can't give you an overall on the movie /blu-ray because once this piece of filth left my player it will not return. Too strong? Then let me warn you.... watch the theatrical release in hopes that the gore is moderated some what. Because what I saw was certainly one of the most disgusting examples of science fiction movie making. Believe me when I say that this movie is nothing more that a slasher film with a few science fiction trappings. Oh and some of them are quite clever (I thought the wall paper was very inventive.)

I have seen Law make some mind twisting movies with some characters that are very unsavory to say the least. And Whitaker as well, has played people you love to hate. But this gore filled hack and slash makes me wonder if it was just a payday.


Dorn said...

I did watch the theatrical version and my wife thought it was ridiculously gorey. Ultimately it was a let down. I expected big things with the enjoyable premise and great actors. They can't all be winners.

Beam Me Up said...

Thanks for the comment Dorn
It's good to know it's not just me getting soft. I agree wholeheartedly with your wife. To think that the gore was still a big part of the theatrical version leads me to guess that this aspect was the intent of the movie. Why great actors like Whitaker and Law would want to add something like this to their resume is another mystery.