Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Comment: Is Warehouse 13 a Friday the 13th Reboot?

How many of you are watching SyFy's Warehouse 13? Well the first piece of good news is that it will be back again for another season. If you are a fan, like I am, that is indeed good news.

However I did come across a strange co-incidence (hopefully it's just a co-incidence) Last night as I was watching some of SyFy's older programming. Let me set the stage first though. I thought the plot devices that Warehouse 13 was using were inventive and unique. I mean, finding items from history that have developed or were created for the specific purpose strange and often dangerous powers that often lead whoever is using them to outright ruin.

As unique as I thought Warehouse 13 was, I was floored by a program that could have been Warehouse 13 in an earlier incarnation! Let me describe this show before naming it. The series was based around this "shop" which had much more storage space than is apparent. A group of dissimilar people working at this shop are tasked with identifying and recovering objects that have strange and often dangerous powers. These objects often were owned by infamous or downright evil entities throughout history. Sounds almost exactly like Warehouse 13 does it not? The show in fact was Friday the 13th (13...hummmmm wiki says that it's working title was The 14th Hour but they changed it to draw in Friday the 13th fans) the series. I used to watch it often, but just never made the connection, but seeing the two almost back to back, the similarities are it would appear, uncanny!

It's almost like they did a reboot of FT13th but instead of a curiosity shop that could almost be a warehouse, why not just Warehouse ummm 13. They are way to much alike for it to be a simple similar Warehouse.

If you get a chance to see them back to back, check it out! Am I right or what?


Nemo said...

Your a little slow,I noticed the sameness with the very first synopsis of Warehouse 13 and left a comment about it on the first episode on HULU.

Beam Me Up said...

damn, fast on the draw with WH13 or not, I JUST posted that! Nawww I aint slow, just never gave it any thought. I hadn't seen FT13 for years and there is was and the similarities were uncanny! I am glad I am not imagining it!

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

I almost agree with you.

I've watched both series with interest. The original series had one flaw that I found burdensome. Every magical device they found had to be charged by the death of a human being before it could be used.
Warehouse 13 at least got rid of that tiresome requirement.

Beam Me Up said...

You know, I see the "death" as more of a plot device and one that set the show clearly in the horror genre. Warehouse shows that the premise works without death being a prerequisite. However as of late have you noticed that most of the devices seem to incorporate death as part of their overall makeup? Not all, but a goodly portion.
Thanks for the comment