Saturday, October 02, 2010

AntipodeanSF online magazine # 148 is online!

Antipodean editor Ion writes to tell us that issue 148 of the online Aussie flash fiction magazine is now available here

I have read most of the stories and so far so good! This month has some great flash fiction. Check it out!

Private Jones By Jack Horne

If I Cry By Kevin J. Phyland

The Sceptic By Francis Conaty

Dangerous Journey By David Scholes

At Point Of Darkness By Jeanie Laherty

Keeping Up Appearances By Shaun A. Saunders

Starry Eyed Trio: The Seven Sisters By David Kernot

Through The Door Another World By Steve Duffy

The Handshake By Owen Roberts

Tinnitus By Cecilia Clark

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