Friday, October 29, 2010

John De Lancie Performs Poe's THE RAVEN

Star Trek TNG fans take heed! John De Lancie, Star Trek's infamous Q takes on Edgar Allen Poe and read The Raven. Does he struggle? Believe me no. He doff the prose like a familiar cloak and reads it with relish. Not to be viewed in a dark room I dare say. Quantum Mechanix released this wonderful video Enjoy!

Youtube link


Anonymous said...

He should play Poe on something. He is creepy and very believable.

Don't watch this before going to sleep.


Beam Me Up said...

Hi Mike!
Thanks for the comment! I did just that and had creepy dreams all night long! I received calls during the show from people that really enjoyed the reading. On listener said that the Simpsons did The Raven with James Earl Jones reading? Anyone?

Btw if anyone missed the live broadcast of this week's Beam Me Up episode 233 please check out the new site at at and the reading is at the start of episode 233