Friday, July 16, 2010

Uhhhhhhhhhh WTF!!!!!!!! They are transplanting WHAT?

Ok, well it's weird medical science...does that count here? Ok for those of you that have been with me long enough know....I just couldn't let this one ride.... soooooooooooo

Poop transplants. (yeah, you read that right.....they are transplanting poop. you know...this is a funny co-incidence, but I used to get my mouth washed out with soap for saying that word and now is kinda weird... so, back to the ummm straight poop...OMG and there is no one here to stop me!!)

Doctors take diluted stool (tell me that you are ever going to read those two words together in an article see?! I enlighten as well as inform!) sample from a person with healthy gut bacteria and inject it into the colon of someone whose bacteria are floundering. The healthy microbes move in and spruce up the place, curing some intestinal diseases.....

(You just got to know this is fake! come on! If a doctor said to you, I have a cure! This is how it works....and you're going to are going to take what and do what to it and put it where? )

(oh and I get to say poop on the radio....)

If i'm lyin I'm dyin here is the link right here!


S.M.D. said...

The odd thing about this is that it totally makes sense. Gross? Yeah. Logical? Totally.

You've got to hand it to human beings to figure these things out, though. I mean, imagine being the first doctor to have suggested this.

"Oh no, Dr. Blank, the patient is getting sicker and we can't seem to stop her bacteria levels from dropping! What should we do?"

"Well, I have this theory about poop...we could try that."



Beam Me Up said...

Only you SMD would take it and run it in! I bow to a master...