Monday, July 26, 2010

Hard to find sci-fi series? Now there's Scifinal

Hey, do you like your sci fi in small easy to consume mini bytes? One thing that places like Youtube have familiarized us to, is the Internet series. In the truest sense the "mini" series. Short episodic story lines that you don't have to spend your whole lunch hour catching up on. Shows like "The Guild" or "Woke up Dead" are 5 or 10 minute shorts that bring the story along in little manageable episodes.

The one thing that is often difficult though is just finding new series. especially the low budget independent series that are not well publicized. So along comes a clearing house of sorts for sci-fi called Scifinal. Here is what they have to say about themselves.
  • SciFinal is a web directory focused on providing information and links about independently produced science fiction web series. SciFinal is a way to learn about exciting sci-fi shows you may not be familiar with.
Here is a promo short from Youtube

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