Friday, July 30, 2010

5 Ways Space Can Drive You Insane

And of course, knowing Mr. Sayell as we do, no weekend would be complete without a totally weird article Here we have no exception. From 5 ways space can drive you insane! Here we go!

  • 5. Space Loneliness At no time in space exploration has there ever been more than 13 people in is lonely...
  • 4. Gamma Rays and the Mind even normal radiation makes space exploration problematic, but without proper shielding exposure to the more energetic gamma rays may be a recipe for as the article puts it.... cognitive and emotional breakdown.
  • 3. Bad Air Amid the Stars One only has to look to mountain climbers to see what happens when the air gets a bit thin. Decreased cognitive capacity and comprehension, permanent damage to the brain regions involved in motor activity and even death.
  • 2. The Wages of Stress The constant worry about air quality, the debilitating effects of low gravity, gamma rays, mission parameters, navigation and equipment failures -- all the while knowing that a thin wall separates them from an environment that would kill them quickly can be extremely stressful.
  • 1. Crazy Co-workers in Space even under "normal" conditions, co workers often can drive you to distraction. Movies like silent running may be more accurate that we imagine when the stress becomes overwhelming.

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