Thursday, July 01, 2010

Own your own Tron Lightcycle!

Hey, remember those cool light cycles from the first Tron movie? Ever wish that you could own one of those bad boys? Well the first Lightcycle were all CGA so there was little chance of anything but a knockoff that barely resembled the one in the movie. So, move up a few decades and tech catches up with construction. Add to that a brand new Tron movie and the time becomes ripe for a reintroduction of the Lightcycle. And so, if you have 35 large burning a hole in your pocket, you too can own a genuine Tron lightcycle. Not a knockoff but one of five that will be built for the new movie.

From the article:
  • The lightcycles are to be built by Parker Brothers Choppers, each will be individually numbered from 001 to 005, and each will come with a different color neon highlight. Only five will ever be built.
You will be able to specify the size engine you want or if you really want to crank up the tech you can go electric.


Blizno said...

Can't type...drooling...

Beam Me Up said...

can you imagine how many messed up keyboards there were after this story posted?! I can imagine drool and several other bodily secretions....damn!!!!!!