Friday, July 02, 2010

AntipodeanSF Issue 145 is now available

Ion, the editor of the Austrailian flash fiction online magazine "Antipodean" writes to tell us that issue 145 (Now there is dedication! Antipodean is a monthly magazine so that works out to over 12 years?!!! ) is now online for your reading pleasure.
Here is a list of the flash stories but there is poetry, 50 word fiction and much more! Enjoy!
  1. A Call Of Duty By Sergio Palumbo
  2. This Just In By Simon Petrie
  3. After The March By Julie Cohen Wornan
  4. Mnemosnye By Sarp Esin
  5. Summer Camp By Shaun A. Saunders
  6. Fantastic By Brendan Carson
  7. CSI Jehova By Guy Hasson
  8. The Critic By Jay Caselberg
  9. Paid In Full By Rodney J Smith
  10. The Best Of Intentions By Dr. Michael Schaper

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