Friday, July 30, 2010

DIY Kit Puts Satellites Into Orbit for $8,000

Now here is something that has just GOT to get you excited if you are the least bit interested in space. Tim Sayell sends me an article from that details how you can get your own personal satellite into Earth orbit for $8,000! That's right, not 8 million or 800,000 but for the price of a not so hot used car!

Now I know the first thing you are thinking is that the satellite cost 8 much to launch it? Fair question...launching any satellite into orbit is one of the more costly item. But that's 8,000....ah ha! you think, now we are up to 16 grand....nope...8,000 total. You get the bare satellite (circuit boards, solar cells, batteries, a combination transmitter-receiver, microcomputer, electronic components, blueprints and a structural shell that's about the size of a one-liter bottle.) and a launch for 8,000 period! Getting excited yet?

The program, called TubeSat and enthusiasm has been overwhelming Interorbital Systems' ceo Randa Milliron told Discovery.

Interorbital Systems will begin the first of four suborbital test flights of it's Neptune rocket, in August - people are so anxious to fly that I.S. sold customers space even on the test flights.

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