Sunday, July 18, 2010

Review: Dennō Coil A Circle of Children

Dennō Coil A Circle of Children
Director Mitsuo Iso
26 episodes

I have spoken about this series so much that I feel like I have reviewed it....Guess not, because I can not find it in the blog - so here goes...

Initially Denno Coil depicts a near future where augmented reality or virtual reality technology has just begun to enter the mainstream. The series follows a group of children as they use AR glasses to unravel the mysteries of the half real, half Internet city of Daikoku, using a variety of illegal software tools, techniques, and virtual pets to manipulate the digital landscape.

The series revolves around Yūko who has recently moved with her family to Daikoku. Yūko joins her grandmother's "investigation agency" made up of children equipped with virtual tools. As their research turns up mounting evidence of children who have been disappearing into the mysterious "other side" of reality. It soon becomes clear that they are entangled in a conspiracy to cover up the dangerous true nature and history of the new VR technology.

There are a lot of players and the plot often meanders off the track to center on some of the secondary characters, but often the divergences explain or uncover some hidden fact or information about the true nature of “obsolete space”, The plot often twists and turns and never quite explains clearly what is really going on. In truth nothing is quite what it seems. What is clear though is there was a lot of thought placed on extrapolating current trends and fads. Virtual pets for instants take on a whole independent existence. Miniaturization and virtualizing of computers and hardware are developed to the point that you find yourself, I would like my rig work like that!!!. (a completely different feel than what you get from the equipment from a series like Lain)

The ending is a complete twist and makes sense...and for once, the hints to the mystery are all over the early episode. If you are like me you will find yourself saying...OH I should have seen that!!!

Denno Coil at first glance looks like it should be a kids show, but in truth it houses some very adult questions about life and reality. Kids might like it, but for completely different reasons. Adults will find the twists and the plot line interesting. A good science fiction romp.

Check out the series web page here

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