Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Review: Time Machines Repaired While U Wait by K.A. Bedford

Time Machines Repaired While U Wait
324 pp pb

I think I can safely say that this novel may hold the record for the worst title. Here is a title that screams low comedy perhaps, or at best a simplistic plot - And that dear reader would be a shame to pass this gem up. In the end the title may be marketing genius.. lol who knows! Anway:

Aloysius "Spider" Webb is a walking cliche. A down and out x-cop, released from the force for being in the end, too honest. Out of options Spider jumps at a chance to make a living wage. But the catch is, he will be fixing malfunctioning time machines. Thinking that glamour awaits, the reality of his situation is that he is trapped in a no where job, barely making ends meet working for a pig of a boss. All this would have been tolerable until a time machine blows up and leaves behind something nightmares are made of, strangers seem to be spying on him and weirdest of all he finds himself murdered in his own bed.

This list of weirdness doesn't even come close to describing the mind bending twists and turns that take place in Bedford's Time Machines Repaired While U Wait. If you are a fan of the Time Travel science fiction sub-genre you will get enough of what makes this book tick to fill four novels. At the end you will question EVERY character in the book. There are enough twists and turns, to hold the attention of even the most jaded science fiction fan. Some of the places and concepts are truly mind bending. The scope literally takes you to one of the strangest places ever. And in true potboiler cop drama, the ending is scary, disturbing and twisted in so many ways.

I didn't have much of a problem with Time Machines.... other than putting it down.

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Ron Huber said...

Great story. I'm reading it now. Good work, Bedford.