Monday, October 13, 2008

Scott to do "Forever War"

Variety reports that Ridley Scott is planning to make "The Forever War," into his first science fiction film since he delivered back-to-back classics with "Blade Runner" and "Alien." Scott attained the rights to the Joe Haldeman classic, after working to obtain them for 25 years, from Richard Edlund, who spent $400,000 of his own money and intended to make the book his directorial debut, but the project foundered. After a Sci Fi Channel miniseries stalled, Scott became interested again and Edlund was ready to make a deal. It took six months to secure all the rights.

The Forever War revolves around a soldier who battles an enemy in deep space for only a few months, only to return home to a planet that has moved many years into the future. Due to time dialation he has remained young but his home planet has continued to change. Now he doesn’t recognize his home and no one remembers him.

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wolfkahn said...

This should be very good!

Shaun said...

Yes, it's a great story idea by a great author, a true classic, and one that would very much lend itself to (sympathetic) treatment in film.

Paul said...

But guys, honestly, Forever war is a thoughtful piece. Other than the action in the first chapter all the rest of the stuff that scott is good at doing is off screen. This is about a man coming to grips with the alienation he feels amongst his own people. No monsters in close spaces no rampaging robot / cyborgs / androids. Good book yes, can he treat it with the respect it deserves? I am not willing to give him a buy just yet.