Thursday, October 09, 2008

World's first flying car, to ship late next year

A true staple of golden age science fiction was the flying car. Many options were offered over the early years of flight and auto technology, from pusher, screw prop, helicopter and gyro-copter variations. In most cases they were unwieldy amalgams of both techs and as such did neither really well. In most cases they were mostly planes that given enough time could be reconfigured to drive on the open road. None were truly successful. But now light weight composites and technology have been joined in what could be the first truly functional plane and car. Here is the Terrafugia Transition - a 1300-pound blending of the two modes of travel, if not beautiful at least a true contender. Available for $194,000 sometime by the end of next year - the unit clearly uses some very innovative tech to switch between the two modes of travel. This video shows a representation of how the craft might look in flight and in transition from plane to car. I just can't get over the fact that it looks like an leCar with wings. Judge for yourself.

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